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tv   [untitled]    July 10, 2015 12:30am-1:01am PDT

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sound you don't have to krang it up but what's the outdoor level small business he was outdoor when i left he was measuring he didn't know the outside the outside noise level he can go. >> there's been quite a few of the conversations i missed the outside decimal level is not in excess of ambient code. >> he should know that. >> he should know that and he knows the outside ambient. >> it is on this 8. >> some people don't know. >> well, you know my interpretation is that he has difficulty putting a foot down when net sometimes i've seen
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this in multiple comparability impatient when it comes to decreasing the decimal on the meter taking that action is sometimes difficult one of the things i noticed that night in particular was once any presence was known by more than him things starting taking place more vitals to the sound like booth and other people saying i'm helping to organize the event and in a quick amount of time things got fixed. >> when i told him to turn it do you think they were pretty crotch but said none affirmed. >> you've got to be more forward. >> i agree. >> he turned amps down.
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>> let's wrap up the comments and open up for public comment thank you staff for the great report one thing that was missing i don't know is that introduction to our new deputy director. >> all right. i was going to get to that on a concern term say hello to maggie. >> hi maggie welcome. >> thanks that's it i guess all right. >> wow. >> any public comment on our staff report? seeing none, public comment is closed we have nothing to act we'll move on to item 4 police department none today number 5 our hearing and possible action on the permit so take it away deputy director and thanks good evening we have 4 applications for missouri check on 1469
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mraefgs there's a restaurant in operation for over a decade in selma this is they're new location that is in potrero hill this is lastly night dinners and dj music for their patrons bay area station thas has is with a good neighbor policy i'd like to invite up applicant eir from the restaurant >> thank you maggie like maggie said we want to have a live soundtrack with our guests at the restaurant nothing more audible than the speakers in the building now
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that's really it just a nice neighborhood bar where guests can come and enjoy cocktails and stay for music they're welcome to do so great commissioners. >> i have one question what's our cross street. >> connecticut. >> you know the neighbors are different. >> we know that the rocket dish had a kayak. >> the occupancy is 99. >> correct. >> okay do you know who the company might be. >> not at this time but we'll definitely have security. >> on the application that is our security plan to have
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entertainment thursday friday and saturday and one person checking ids at the door and you have a second person? there's a bar manager and a security 3 would be at the door onsite >> any other questions commissioners commissioner perez. >> hi thanks for coming did you have the same type of dj music at our previous location. >> we did not. >> this is the first time correct. >> correct. >> and i see you did the outreach thank you very much for doing that you did outreach with the boosters. >> yes. the potrero boosters and making donations to the friends of potrero hill in youry and the live oak nursery and do
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business with the flower so shop and do business with the ruby wine shop trying to be a good neighbor. >> thank you very much. >> great and are you familiar with the good neighbor policy that is the only condition the police added. >> i'll review it in detail. >> great one of the things we like to highlight making sure you have our phone number available for any neighbors that want to tell you to turn it down all right. why don't you have a seat i don't know if we have police to speak to this i don't have to. >> all right. is there any public comment on missouri check a all right. no public comment public comment is closed. commissioners happy to entertain a motion. >> i move to approve this good
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neighbor policy. >> second. >> there is a motion and a second to approve that restaurant. >> on the motion commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner vice president moshoyannis commissioner perez commissioner caminong commissioner president tan. >> with that, the motion passing passes good luck we'll move on to the next lab sf permit. >> all right. so the lab lab is located in san francisco's red zone building at 2940, 16th street a in time arts organization and performance space they were founded in 1984 this is the first time for a po e and provide a space for artists performances in our file it is heal i didn't there they
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have 60 letters a little bit more of support from the community as well a petition that has been signed by over hundred supporters in the file the lab has opposition from other tenants in the building this is mostly regarding sound levels that the lab admits and scheduling conflicts they did an abatement test for the space last week supervisor campos legislative aide joseph and i had a successful meeting with the labs correspondent with the pier building manage from missouri joe and the outcome was the final agreements between the lab in the building other tenants have had past noise issues expressed their approval the sound level during
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their sound tests in the space in the building the lab expressed their commitment to the tenants of the building to one keep the show to the decimal level and provide a phone number for all sound levels issues or do a sound meter set of the 3 having a quieter events made possible by advance notice and provide a public calendar so tenants will know of the lab shows and allow others tenants to post their events so there is transparency and hopefully avoid conflicts and the tenants want the district of columbia level not be increased until testing is done mission station supports this application and submitted the conditions as you can see and here to talk about the lab is applicant deanna.
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>> can i ask one quick question is this coming into compliance issue. >> great i'm not sure why after so many years we're asking. >> their custodial non-inclines and are you recommending those permits attached. >> that will be recommended because that was what will come up between the other tenants in the building and the lab and it was you know look at coming. >> hi supervisors i'm president to thank maggie and the staff to the patience and others and especially joseph is the aide to supervisor campos and has been absolutely wonderful so, yes, the experience issue is
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definitely an issue the lab is a precious case for 5 years i took over 10 months ago and as a curator trying to right the ship with new operating procedures and complete overhaul of everything i've been working with them and not understanding the complaint i've noted received a single complaint many other tenants in the building and with mow joe we put in a sound proof ceiling that didn't permit the lower ceiling on the floor we were able to do the sound test with maggie and joseph present there the decimals level explicit create a change we did another sound test with peter and put of but 80
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hertz low frequency sound and i did create more 8 decimal differences between the minimal 55 level so that was a problem and for you know for this time i made a commitment to turn down the base level frequencies on the lower level external shows that coupling come through so yeah that's what we're trying to do >> great commissioners you guys have any questions for the applicant. >> commissioner joseph. >> i have one good for you to know what basis frequencies to turn down i have a question on security so the security a you'll volunteers. >> that's correct. >> so the description of a volunteer they volunteer to do a job but not paid they don't have to be there so you assign a volunteer to the door and they
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decide they don't want to do it and walk away the possibility of it not being a paid security person concerns me someone that is actually working for you agreed. >> i understand you're a nonprofit. >> yeah. >> but i'm concerned i don't have a real security guard and our volunteers are not trained. >> yeah. >> they're not trained no security not backgrounds and what necessary need to do and i don't like our security plan i understand you're an arts organization and theatre i still think you need a security guard it is trained and relying will are you willing to do that. >> we approved in our budget in the concern i work the door so i'll sitting there and basically auditing people coming in the door we have 49 occupants it is
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is manageable crowd but there, there is a rear door i've been having trouble with the rear door leads to the hallway and it is from the doors in the building are not locked their locked after 5 we have an event before 5 people walk to the front door into the back you found i've moved our events avenue 5 in all ticketed events and all events that require a door management and guard so this is definitely a concern for me our budget was approved with the board we raised some money last year we're putting on two full-time paid staff members to work those fentsdz. >> will one of them be a security guard. >> yes. >> will we have a security guard. >> can they do testing. >> they take a class and test afterward and get it printed and
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get a guard card you can ask one of our inspectors for the came back on who to came back to if you do that. >> shawn. >> thank you very much. >> all right. i think you know what you'll benefit i understand you how hard it is for nonprofits but i think this is a great benefit to. >> we'll definitely. >> have trained security guards. >> thank you commissioner perez. >> hi hi. >> how are you. >> great. >> i was wondering you have a side door on cap street that is close to cap street. >> it is on 16th street no doors to cap street. >> i took a visit. >> i have a rear exit in the rear of the building that leads out to cap street but currently
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not a working fire exit. >> again, i was going to ask you how to manage that if people are using that for an exit. >> it is right there. >> some of them volunteer for us. >> not used as used exit. >> not right now. >> okay. thank you. >> i don't see any commissioners questions or comments would the police like to come up and speak on this, please. >> good evening, commissioners. >> good evening. >> welcome back haven't seen you in a while. >> i had hand surgery but it works. >> (laughter). okay. so the lab they're coming into compliance as you know and i think the audrey pointed out a
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fantastic concern i'm glad they're looking into guard cardio someone we'll monitor that as well the area if you're not aware is it so an type of area and thus condition number one just help us help them something goes on we'll be aware of it in our work we'll work together and the other thing their occupancy is 49 i'd like that to be on our minds it is a very big space that could easily hold more so 49 until they get their i's doted in the fire lastly i met with deanna prior to this commission hearing and i i have to tell you it smelled like a bar they don't have a liquor
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license their floors are older wood so liquor on the floor smells like a bar so through deanna to obtain those abc permits when they're reasonable to do so otherwise i'll be looking out for alcohol violations all from us >> fair enough any questions for officer parker. >> no, thank you all right. commissioners open up for public comment any public comment on the lab? we definitely have a lot of written comments so thank you, everyone there >> joseph smith with supervisor campos on behalf of the supervisor thank the entertainment commission for supported our requests of the waiver for the fees for the lab to become a place of entertainment the lab is a cultural resource
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for district 9 an anchor for the historic and significant building which plays a vital role for a number of nonprofits cultural events and in the heart of the mission district as mentioned before i'm gene in a beard from the lab and from missouri you do not theatre the tenants and in time tenants if in the red stone building and many are work hard i want to commend everyone who worked hard and thank the staff of the entertainment commission for honoring our request i know that is extraordinarily for the permit and not just the lab is really the red stone building as a whole and it is a huge resource in the heart of the mission district i have a long history with the labor struggles and the services they provide
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are key for the district especially the things are changing so quickly in the mission so want to thanks you all for this support for the lab they've become an anchor for the institution of the district. >> thank you. any other comments. >> seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners. >> i move to approve. >> i actually have a question for - >> if there is a second we'll still discuss it. >> my question to make sure we reviewed the recommendations that came out of that meeting and they get attached as additional conditions to this. >> yeah. >> one of them i remember hearing the calendar gouz goes out to residents.
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> in the red stone building. >> but maybe a monthly calendar can we add that and it's a live google calendar that everyone subscribes to so memoriam they add a show. >> is that a friendly amendment to the motion. >> i want to make sure there are none others that are missing from that meeting. >> there's a 90 d b level maximum so decimal about 90. >> yeah. that was from the sound of the inspection. >> yeah. so everyone. >> a friendly amendment to make sure they're keeping their calendar updated and in contact with the residents enemy shows that are sound heavy i guess they do so many - and i'll add those points into the permits.
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>> the maker of the motion accepts our amendment. >> commissioner perez do you second that friendly amendment. >> yes. i do. >> any further discussion okay. let's take a vote on the motion commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner vice president moshoyannis commissioner perez commissioner caminong commissioner president tan. >> with that the motion passes congratulations we're going more often to the third the restaurant. >> so it is a limited live performance permit only polk street a restaurant with a bar and lounge that serves italian food hoping to have piano music and jazz tripods this permit is approved by central station and
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here to talk about that is christine. >> good evening, commissioners. >> good evening can you speak into the - microphone. >> yes. sorry we've been there for 20 years and its a very nice restaurant in the hotel it is on the second floor and we've been providing this music and have had no issues or complaints from anybody ever and had no incidents in the last 20 years. >> great. >> commissioners questions. >> none all right. seem sfraurd thank you very much any police comments don't see
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any fortunate that are no additional conditions based on the size recommendations to say there any public comment on this? >> good evening, commissioners i'm steve on i saw an old friend in the audience christen he was a seasoned hotel beverage director for the hyatt and fairmont it involved into a nice concept of live entertainment with the one woman diva joyce she's great he's going to offer great food with a great entertainer and that provides great value for the tourists and locals that are looking for this type of thing and hopefully, if he could come back and extend
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that out to 11 o'clock it is limited to 10 it is in good hands and he provides something that is very attractive to it demographic in union square thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment all right. seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners anyone else like to make a motion. >> move to approve. >> second. >> all right. on that motion to approve the limited live performance permit same house, same call? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i'm learning. >> you did it. >> yeah. maggie. >> that means the motion is approved we'll move on to the final permit of the night arrest all right. your late application for the taxi on castro street a they've applied for a billiards
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we have a planning issue i'm asking you for a motion a later time. >> yeah. >> i move to continue. >> second. >> all right. motion and second. >> all right. on the motion to continue same house, same call? >> wait. >> any public comment on this. >> okay none agreed. >> on the motion to continue same house, same call? >> yes. >> yep. >> with that, the motion passes and more often to the next meeting all right. item number 6 on the agenda is the review and sorry discussion and possible action to adopt the guidelines for the entertainment commission we brought this up and people have not had time to review the language in front of you it has been written and drafted by the
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city attorney i think personally i think it clarifies this and made it clear the subsequence of discussions i don't know if director cain would recycle to say more on that. >> i think i said a lot when we met in the other meeting probably too much so i think under - yeah. is r ask if there are any questions regarding you can this basically proposal and i'm here to answer them the best i can and acknowledge that this is a work in progress this is something that may change in the future so if we want to change those procedures we'll do the same notice this one is more scrub active than the 72 hours notice
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but we want to change anything we can we haven't flushed out the conversation of the subcommittee so i'll ask for a little bit more discussion be had but other than that the way is reads is very much giving people an idea how those discussions will be made but not committing us one way or the other this is a case by case until we get into a realism it becomes clear which ones need to come before the committee. >> i read in the classroom hundred and thirty commits; is that right. >> there's more but again in different phases of the process and each week we push anti some of them fall off they get two late that's okay. i'm not in a panic about it there is more behind it but, yeah that was a
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long conversation with the reporters and some of it right and some not. >> commissioner joseph. >> i have a question i understand this is a brand new process we're going to vote on today it is policies and procedures for us we can change and modify our policies and procedures as we go along. >> right. >> i have only one i have two questions one on this little graph that is here it shows a sound inspection can you explain to me dots inspectors go out and just inspect the building exactly what are they required. >> depending on where each project is when we comes to you with the sound like studies that may have been performed previously by the project sponsor or me may not in the case we don't we felt like we
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may send out the inspectors to do ambient sound reading during some point at the project site as as much as we getting get there so give you information otherwise you have none. >> okay and the second question i have is do you feel it is relevant we form this committee do you want to wait on it what are - where you are you at. >> where am i at perp i think the idea of having a committee may speed those meetings up i don't know if it will create more work for the folks on the committee necessarily but potentially that will so this is something to think about if you approve this